Finding The Cheapest Tires For Sale

For those of us that own our modes of transportation, looking at tires for sale can be a pretty big deal. There are a multitude of brands, sizes, and models that are available to consumers for both style and utilitarian needs. So a big question people find themselves asking on a yearly basis is “where can I find the cheapest tires?” A large number have turned to buying online as their answer.

As with most online purchases, you shouldn’t simply jump to buy the first product you see. Different websites will often have competing prices or deals, while some will offer varying shipping options. Price comparison when shopping for your new tires is an important part of the buying process.

One of the biggest perks to buying online is the comfort of not having to leave your home to do so. You can compare price options without the hours of driving from location to location or dealing with sales people. You can make the choice you feel is best instead of making a selection because you want it to be over with, only to regret it later.

You should also keep in mind the shipping costs to your homes location. Tires are often large and heavy, leading to high shipping and handling prices which could very easily negate any savings you could be getting on your tires or even making them more expensive than your local brick and mortar stores.

If you are purchasing online to save, you should also keep how you will have them installed in mind. You may end up paying fees to local businesses to install your tires for you, which could be another factor in whether or not you are truly finding the best deals. Calling around to local businesses to find out what they charge for installation only prior to purchasing is always recommended.

You will also want to make sure that whichever store you are buying from still offers a guarantee or a warrantee plan on their product lines. When making an online purchase you still want to make sure you are covered in case a replacement is needed due to a manufacturer error. It is also a good idea to find an installer who offers a installation guarantee as well.

You may even find an online store that works directly with one of your local businesses, sometimes offering to either waive the installation fee or shipping fees if you have them delivered to them prior to installation. You may end up paying the installation fee if they waive the shipping costs, or vice versa; they may not save you on both, but one or the other will still be a worthwhile choice for buying online. When looking at tires for sale, there is nothing wrong with keeping your costs low.

Things You Should Know When You Buy Tires Online

Making the decision to buy tires online whether it is for the family car, a truck or a motorcycle is simple and easy but there are just a few things you should know.

Starting with your tire size seems like a simple enough bit of information. It is actually but everyone should know what those numbers mean. DO NOT assume you can just plug your make, model and year into a web site and get tires presto chango to be right. That works 99.5% of the time; however the ½ a percent chance when it doesn’t work is a pain. So go get the numbers.

The three numbers have meaning and once you decode the meaning you might have a few additional choices available to you. For our example we are going to use 195/75/15. The 195 indicates how much tread is in contact with the road. The smaller the number the less tread. Winter tires or snow tires are usually narrower than all season or summer tires. You can go a bit narrower here, occasionally wider but you have to check clearances (make sure the tire doesn’t rub) before doing that. The second number is the side wall; the larger that number is the taller the tire is. This number indicates the amount of rubber you see from the tread to the rim. You can almost always go a bit smaller here but rarely much larger. Too tall a tire is going to rub over every speed bump. Also note when you go lower it is best to get an alignment, this should actually be done every time you get new tires, and it will help insure your tires wear properly. The last number is the rim size; unless you are doing some serious customization and have expert advice this number will NEVER change. You can’t put a 16” tire on a 15” rim.

Ok so now you know about size. Let’s talk tread. Tread is just as important as size. Where are you going to drive this car or truck? Truck tires for off road, highway, or hauling a trailer vary quite a bit. Generally speaking the smoother the tread looks the quieter it will be. The rougher the tread looks the more grip it will have. It is important to look not only at size but tread. Some tires that would fit a truck might also fit a car and you don’t want tires that are designed for a construction site on the family sedan.

The last thing to consider is who is going to put them on? That is the mount and balance. Most people have a trusted family mechanic check with them what they charge for mounting and balancing, as well as EPA Tire Disposal Fee for tires not purchased through their shop. You will find many repair facilities charge more if they didn’t sell you the tire. Check with local alignment shops, they almost always mount and balance and since it is a good idea to get your car or truck aligned when you get new tires it can be one stop shopping.

Most if not all online retailers of tires ship for free make sure the one you are shopping with does. Now that you have the basics size, tread and installation estimates, you are an informed shopper and ready to buy tires online.

What You Need To Know About Tire Brands

Different tire brands specialize in various things. Some of the top tire brands include BF Goodrich and Bridgestone. These tire brands have a great reputation for being dependable transportation for families all over the country. The right tire brand will keep your vehicle well grounded.

Having reliable tire brands on your car can help give you the peace of mind you need when you are on the road during a violent storm. In wet, rainy weather a good set of tires can be your greatest defense and they can be the difference between having a wreck and getting home safely. Choosing a tire brand with a reputation for good performance in all kinds of weather is vital to the safety of the precious cargo in the back seat.

With car maintenance being so expensive as it is, you will want to seek out brands that deliver. It is wise to shop around as opposed to buying the first set of tires you find. Comparing and contrasting tire brands will help you find the best set for your vehicle.

You can find outstanding tire brands and others at tire warehouses and even regular warehouse stores like Sam’s Club. At these establishments, you will be able to find reliable tires at great deals and prices. BF Goodrich tires offer an entire line of high quality tires for cars, SUVs, and light trucks. Their tires are all about offering excellent traction on the road for high performance handling.

BF Goodrich is one of the tire brands that also provides high mileage to give customers their money’s worth. Each tire is specially manufactured to meet the needs of their specific vehicle category. For example, tires for vans are designed with a good tread life in all the seasons of the year while tires for sports cars are meant to give great performance at reasonable prices.

One of the best known tire brands, Bridgestone has been in business since 1931 – an impressive accomplishment for any company. Over the years, their tires have only improved in innovation and quality. As technology and the economy change, so do their tires. For instance, the Ecopia EP100 tires were designed to improve fuel economy while still maintaining good performance on wet roads.

Bridgestone also offers their UNI-T Technology on various tires, which good, even wear and year-long traction – even in light snow. These are a great fit for individuals and families who live in a place where winters are mild but still deliver a little bit of fluffy snow. These also feature a component system that gives extra stability for better handling and a smoother ride. Good quality tire brands ensure safe travels and safe families. Familiarize yourself with the best tire brands for the best on-road experience.

Get Some Cheap Mud Tires

For some there is nothing more enjoyable than taking some rather large vehicle and burying it in the mud, while riding on cheap mud tires. It has become such a big pastime that in some parts of the world they have campgrounds designed for people that want to play in the mud.

If you are new to driving in the mud there are some very important things you will need to know before you go splashing mud on everyone with your cheap mud tires. Things that will not only increase the enjoyment but that increase the safety to your vehicle and to you.

Once you have a vehicle you have decided to sacrifice to the mud gods, you will need to jack it up; the difference between driving in the mud and being stuck in the mud may only be a few inches of clearance, so jack it up as high as it will go.

The next step is the tires, now as with all tires there are plenty to choose from, in many different price ranges; everything from super expensive to downright cheap mud tires. With this in mind the question becomes is what you plan to do with your truck? If you want it pretty and sitting on the sidelines then by all means buy the most expensive tires money can buy.

If, on the other hand you are planning to get dirty in the mud, dig into the mud, and hopefully control the mud, then you may want to go a different route. A lot of things can happen to tires when they are buried deep in the mud, and most of them are bad, so instead of sinking a ton of money into your tires, if you plan to get a little dirty you may want a set of cheap mud tires.

As far as their ability to grip the dirt and mud, most mud tires are the same, that’s why it makes since to go with the cheap mud tires, since they are probably going to just end up destroyed anyway. Can you imagine how it feels to find expensive tires for sale and then hear them rip as they catch a tree root?

Devastating is the not word, however for the same amount of money you can get up to three sets of cheap mud tires, now when they catch that tree root, you can just put on another one, and get back in the mud.

If you are addicted to the mud or just enjoy a fun trip to the mud bog, riding on cheap mud tires will give you the confidence to jump on in and get dirty, can’t you just see the smile on your face right now? Splashing around will never is better when you know you do not have to worry about those cheap mud tires.

Tips For Buying New Tires

Tires are often overlooked as one of the most important parts of your vehicle to maintain. Knowing the correct type of tire for your car can improve the handling of your vehicle, your gas mileage and other important factors. Beings able to pick out the correct tire, purchase the tire at the appropriate venue and attach the tire to your car properly can save you time, tears and future maintenance on your vehicle.

If you are only vaguely familiar with vehicle maintenance, choosing the proper tire out of a sea of options can seem daunting. Car manufacturers are required by the law to specify what size and type of tire the vehicle requires. This information should be located in owner’s manual.

The next step is cracking the code. Every tire is equipped with an alphanumeric code. This series of letters and numbers specifies what kind of vehicle the tire is designed for, provides various dimensional indicators, tells how heavy a load the tire is capable of supporting and more. While this information is readily available with some light research, a sales associate or mechanic should easily be able to explain the code to you.

Making an informed decision about where to purchase your tires is also necessary. The dealership will sell you the original tires your car came with. While this tire choice can have some handling and maintenance advantages, it is definitely the most costly option. A local mechanic or auto specialty store will be able to talk you through your options and attach the tires you purchase for you.

The cheapest option available today is to purchase tires online or at a retailer that does not offer maintenance. While very inexpensive, this option does come with risks. It requires that you are absolutely confident in your tire knowledge and decisions. It also entails an extra step. Once you have purchased your tire or tires, you must then take them to a separate location to be put on the vehicle.

After determining the right tires for your vehicle, it is a good idea to brush up on maintenance basics and tire checking tips. Rotating tires on a regular basis is recommended. You should also consistently check the air pressure. Keeping tires at the recommended air capacity will increase gas mileage as well as assist with avoiding certain damages to your vehicle.

You may also want to consider buying all four tires at once. Even if it is only absolutely necessary to replace one or two tires, replacing all four can provide you with helpful maintenance information. It allows you to detect other problems within your vehicle that may be effecting the tires.

Keeping informed and doing your research is the best way to be prepared for your next tire buying experience. Make sure you understand what you and your vehicle require from a tire, what your budget is and where to buy the right tire for you.